1. Getting Started

1.1 – Installation

CQPIM installs just like any other WordPress Plugin. From the Plugins menu in your admin area, click the Upload Plugin button and navigate to the zip folder that you downloaded from your account are on this site. Once you’re done, click Install Now.

Once the plugin has been installed, click the Activate Plugin link. You’re now good to go…

1.2 – Recommendations:

  • SMTP: This plugin sends emails from WordPress. Often (especially on shared hosts) servers are on spam blacklists, so you may find that the emails end up in peoples spam folders. To combat this we recommend the use of a plugin that routes site emails through your email server.
  • Cron: Cron is a server daemon that runs scheduled tasks at certain intervals. This plugin uses Cron to send invoice reminder emails on specific dates. Some shared hosts block access to WordPress Cron. Please check with your host to ensure that this feature will work.
  • File Uploads: This plugin includes functionality to share files with your clients. Servers generally have a size limit when it comes to uploading files. Although these days the limits are often quite high, on older servers you may find that this is quite low. Again, you should check with your host to ensure that the limit suits your needs.
  • Yoast SEO: Yoast SEO adds an SEO metabox to all content types in WordPress as well as columns in the admin post pages. This isn’t required in this plugin as most posts are private, therefore if you use Yoast SEO we recommend removing the SEO settings metabox from CQPIM custom post types.

1.3 – Configure The Plugin

First things first, you need to configure the plugin. Head over to your WordPress admin area and click the Settings link in the CQPIM menu.

At the top of this page, you’ll see a warning. This is a prompt to create a CQPIM Team Member from your current WP Login. This is required for CQPIM to work correctly.



It’s no biggie, just click “Create Linked Team Member” and the plugin will do the rest. You can view the new Team Member by clicking the Team Members link in the CQPIM menu. You will now be able to add yourself to projects as well as any other team members that you create.

The settings page contains 12 tabs, one for company details and four for different parts of the plugin.

Most settings fields have a ‘View Example Content’ button next to them, which shows an example of what should be entered into the field. You can use these as-is, or customise them for your own needs. There are also a series of Replacement Tags that can be used in email fields. A list of these can be found here.

Ensure you complete the settings on all tabs except email piping before using the plugin. Failure to do so may cause errors. Email piping configuration is optional.

Your Company

The settings on this page are for your company details. These are used throughout the plugin so it’s important that they are completed and are accurate. You can also upload a logo which will be used at the top of printable quotes, contracts and invoices.


When a client is created, a user account is automatically created for them. Using these settings, you can choose whether or not to notify the client of their account details, and set the contents of the email that is sent to them.

Client Dashboard

This tab contains settings that apply directly to the Client Dashboard.

Quotes / Estimates

Header & Footer – These fields will appear at the top and bottom of your Quote/Estimate that is sent to the client. Kind of like an Intro/Outro. You can also customise these on a per quote basis, when creating the quote.

Default Quote Acceptance Text – This appears right at the bottom of the Quote/Estimate, alongside the form that Clients will use to accept the Quote/Estimate.

Quote Emails – This is the email that will be sent to the client to let them know that a new Quote/Estimate is available in their dashboard.


The Projects tab contains settings that control how the projects part of the plugin behaves. You can choose whether or not to automate sending of contracts, invoices and project updates, as well as configure the content and subject lines of various emails that will be sent out by the plugin. Most settings contain example content that you can use, or customise them to suit your needs.


The Invoices tab contains settings that control how the invoices part of the plugin behaves. You can choose options for when reminders are sent, as well as the content and subject lines of the emails that will be sent. Most settings contain example content that you can use, or customise them to suit your needs.

Team Members

The Team Members tab  contains email templates that are used for various team functionality, such as sending out update emails when a task is assigned to a team member.

Support Tickets

This tab contains setting for the support tickets system email templates.

Quote Forms

This tab contains settings for the quote forms system (v2.6+). You can choose which quote form you would like to show in the client dashboard and which you would like to embed using the [cqpim_frontend_form] shortcode.