2. Clients

The Client admin area in CQPIM allows you to manage various client related settings and details of each client in the system. Here we will talk through each part of the client admin area.

Firstly, you’ll want to actually add a client, so head to the clients section and click “Add Client”.

On the right hand side, there are fields for the name, company, address and contact details for the client. Fill these in and click Add Client.

This will generate a new user account in WordPress for your client to access their dashboard, and will send them a welcome email if you have set the plugin up to do so.


You’ll see there are several other metaboxes on the client admin page, and we’ll walk through those now –

Client Notes

You can use this freetext area to write notes on the client. It could be used for any information you wish and cannot be seen by the client.

Client Files

This metabox shows files that you have uploaded to the client. You can upload anything you wish as long as the file extension is allowed in the CQPIM Settings. This could be used to store information such as development agreements or other legal documents etc. There is a file upload field provided to upload files to this section.

Client Contacts

The client contacts metabox allows admin to view, edit or add additional logins to the client account. This is useful if more than one person at the client’s company needs access to their dashboard. You can add and manage contacts here as admin, but you can also configure the settings to allow the client to add their own colleagues from their dashboard. This can be found under the Client Dashboard tab of the settings.

Creating contacts here will generate a new user account for the person who you have added, and will grant them access to the dashboard for that client.

Client Financials

This section can be used to set overrides from the default CQPIM settings for that particular client. You can set invoice terms, add tax details for the client and override the default system currency for the client in this box.

Client Invoices / Projects / Tickets

These three metaboxes provide quick links to Invoices / Projects and Tickets that are assigned to the client.

Client Logs

This metabox provides a timestamped list of pages visited by the client on the dashboard, and is useful for verifying whether or not a client has viewed invoices / tasks etc.

Client Type

This is a categorisation tool which uses WordPress taxonomies to assign categories to clients.

Client Contracts

This setting allows you to override whether or not project contracts should be used for this particular client (If you have the plugin configured to not use contracts anyway then this metabox will not appear)