2. Clients

So you’re ready to create your first client. Click the Clients link in the CQPIM menu, then click New Client.

There are three metaboxes on the Client management page, Client Notes, Client Financials and Client Details. First of all, you’ll need to fill in the Client Details box. The client number field will by default be set to the WordPress Post ID of this post, however you can change this if you wish. Fill in the Client Details fields and click Update client.

This will generate a new user account in WordPress for your client to access their dashboard, and will send them a welcome email if you have set the plugin up to do so.

The Client Notes box is for adding information about the client. This is private and cannot be seen by the client.

The Client Financials box allows you to set invoice terms for the client. You can choose to set this, or you can leave it as-is, in which case the client will use the same invoice terms as set in the global plugin settings. It will also show a list of invoices for the client, with their status and due dates.

You can also create recurring invoices on this page. Simply click “Add Recurring Invoice” and fill in the details for the invoice. You can choose to start sending the invoice immediately, or on a specific date. You can also set invoice line items and when you would like to stop sending the invoice.

That’s it for clients, simple huh?