3. Quotes / Estimates

To add a new Quote/Estimate, click on Quotes/Estimates from the CQPIM menu, then click New Quote/Estimate.

You’ll be presented with a series of fields that need to be completed in order to set your Quote/Estimate up correctly. Simply fill these in and hit Save.

The Quote/Estimate will now save, and you’ll be able to start filling in the sections. On the top right of the screen you’ll see a list of requirements. Some of these will already be green as you have already completed some of the fields on the first step, however you’ll notice that Project Brief and Milestones are red, so let’s complete those now.

Project Brief

This is effectively a summary of what the project is about, and will appear on the Quote/Estimate underneath the Header. Click the Add Project Brief button and fill in the text box with a summary of what the project is about, then click Save. This is optional, however it is useful to have the brief available.

If the quote has been generated by a user filling in a quote form, the Project Brief section will contain the values of the fields that are on the quote form.


Milestones are groups of tasks that should be completed by a certain date. Think of them as “phases” of the project. For example, a project might have a “Design Phase”, followed by a “Development Phase” and a “Testing Phase”.

To add your first milestone, click the Add Milestone button. Fill in the fields and click Save. Your milestone will now be added to the Quote/Estimate. You can add as many Milestones as you wish.

Milestones can be reordered using the blue reorder button and dragging the milestone to the position you’d like it to be in. Once you are done, you should update the quote to save the new order.

You can also apply Milestone / Task Templates to the quote if you have any set up. Just click Apply Milestone Template and choose the template that you’d like to apply. Note that this will remove any Milestones and Tasks that are already on the Quote.


If you want to, you can also add a list of tasks to each milestone. To add a task, click the green add icon in the actions column of the milestone that you would like to add the task to. Fill in the task details and click Save. The task will then be added to the milestone.

You can edit Milestones and Tasks by clicking the amber Edit icon in the actions column of each milestone / task. You can also delete milestones and tasks by clicking the red Delete icon. Be careful when deleting milestones, as any tasks assigned to the milestone will also be deleted.

Tasks can be reordered using the blue reorder button and dragging the task to the position you’d like it to be in. Once you are done, you should update the quote to save the new order.

Header & Footer

The Header and Footer sections will be auto populated by whatever you have set as defaults in the plugin settings. You can edit these here for this specific Quote/Estimate if you wish, or just leave them as-is.

Checking & Sending the Quote/Estimate

Status icons all green? Sounds like you’re ready to check and send the Quote/Estimate.

Click the View Quote/Estimate button, and your Quote/Estimate will open in a new window. If you’re unhappy with anything, make the required changes and click Update Quote/Estimate. Once you’re happy, click Send Quote/Estimate.

This will generate an email to your client, letting them know that a new Quote/Estimate is available in their dashboard.

Once the client views and accepts the Quote/Estimate, the plugin will create a new Project. Depending on what you have configured the plugin to do, it may also send the client a contract at this point.

Disabling Quotes

Some users may not need to use the quotes system. If this is the case, quotes can be disabled in the plugin settings. This will remove the quotes section on both the admin and client sides.