4. Quote Forms

CQPIM allows you to add quote forms to your website. It currently supports one quote form on the frontend via a shortcode (for anonymous/new clients), and one in the client dashboard once the client is logged in (for existing clients).

To create one, click Quote Forms in the CQPIM admin menu, then click New Quote Form. Give the form a title and choose whether or not the form is for anonymous users or existing clients.

This is an important step, as the anonymous frontend forms will automatically add certain fields when it is rendered through the shortcode. This is so that the plugin has the minimum information required to create a new client in the plugin.

You can now start adding fields. Make sure you give them names, otherwise when the data comes in you might struggle to understand which field is which.

How do they work?

Once you’ve created your forms, head over to the plugin settings. You’ll see a quote forms tab. In this tab you can choose which form is used in which place. Once you’ve set these options you can use the [cqpim_frontend_form] shortcode to display your anonymous form anywhere in your theme.

The client dashboard form will display automatically in the menu of the client dashboard.

When a form is completed, a client will be created (anonymous only). The plugin will then generate a quote and add the contents of the form fields to the project brief metabox. It will also send an email to your sales email address letting you know that a new quote requires your attention. You can then create milestones and tasks in the quote as normal.