5. Projects

So your client has accepted the quote/estimate. The plugin has now created a project and depending on your settings may have also sent a contract to them.


Click the Projects link in the CQPIM menu and you’ll see your new project at the top of the list.

Once you’re in your project, you’ll see various information regarding different aspects of the project. The plugin has been designed to be visually simple, and most of the elements are self explanatory. The element you’ll want to focus on is the Status list on the right hand side. This is where you’ll be able to get an at-a-glance look at where the project stands, and also to carry out certain actions.

So, has the contract been sent? If you have configured it to send automatically then it has. If not, you’ll need to click the Send Contract button.

Once the Client signs the contract, the plugin (if you have configured it to do so, and if you have chosen to request a deposit) will create and send a deposit invoice, which will be marked as due by the project start date.

Metaboxes on this Page

This page will be where you will make almost every update throughout the project. It contains boxes for –

  • Editing milestones and marking milestones as complete
  • Assigning Team Members to the Project
  • Editing tasks and logging time against tasks
  • Sending project messages to your team (teams only) and your client
  • Uploading project files to share with your team (teams only) and your client

Project in Progress

Your client has signed the contract, and has paid the deposit invoice (if you have requested one). You can now get cracking with the Tasks & Milestones. Your tasks are also available in your CQPIM dashboard, so you don’t always need to be in the project page to see them.

As you work through a task, you can log time to the task by clicking the orange pencil icon next to the task. When you’ve finished, you can mark the task as complete in the same way.

Once you (or your team) have finished all of the tasks in a milestone, you can mark the milestone as complete. Depending on what you have the plugin configured to do, it can send your client an update email at this point.

Tasks & Milestones Complete?

You’ve worked through the milestones, your task list is empty. Your client is happy to sign off the work. Simply click “Mark Project as Signed Off”. This will generate a completion invoice with the final costs for each milestone. If you charged a deposit, this will be deducted from the total on the invoice. Depending on what you have configured in the CQPIM settings, this invoice will automatically be sent to your client, otherwise you can do it manually.

Closing a Project

The project is signed off, the completion invoice has been sent and paid. You can now close the project. Click “Close Project” to mark it as closed.