7. Teams

CQPIM has built in functionality to enable teams to work on projects with ease. You will be able to create team members, assign roles, assign team members to projects and assign tasks between team members. The team members who are assigned to a project can only see the project that they are working on, unless you give them permission to see all projects. Team members can upload files, add time entries to tasks, communicate with the team and the client in the messaging platform & complete tasks, while keeping things like invoices, quotes and financials private.

There is a tab in the CQPIM settings that controls the emails that are sent to Team Members when they are assigned to projects. You should configure this section before you begin, and there are suggestions for each field that you can use as-is, or change them to suit your requirements.

For more information on what CQPIM Admins and Users can do, please click here.